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A custom-fitted mouth guard is an essential piece of sports equipment for athletes of all ages. If you are looking for custom-made mouth guards in Spokane, call our office today.

Mouth Guards

At Matta Woolf Family Dentistry, we understand how important it is to maintain an active lifestyle. That is why we offer custom-made mouth guards to adults and children. We can help protect your teeth from sports-related injury with just two visits to our office. For patients who suffer from nighttime bruxism, we also offer night guards.

What are Mouth Guards?

Athletes of all ages can benefit from a well-fitted mouth guard. Mouth guards are protective coverings worn over your teeth to protect them from sports-related injuries. Made from durable and flexible materials, mouth guards are typically worn over the top teeth. For patients with braces, bridges or other fragile dental work, our dentist may recommend special mouth guards to protect them.

Mouth guards are widely recognized as essential athletic equipment, especially for children and student athletes. Anyone who plays contact sports such as football, hockey, soccer, basketball, boxing or martial arts should wear a mouth guard to protect their teeth from blows to the face or hard falls.

Even athletes who participate in non-contact sports and other recreational activities can benefit from mouth guards.

Sports-related mouth injuries can range from the minor to the severe. Common sports-related injuries include cuts on the lips or inside of the mouth, chipped teeth, cracked or broken teeth or knocked out teeth. A well-fitted mouth guard can absorb the shock from blows to the face or hard falls to protect your mouth from injury. Mouth guards have also been known to reduce the chance for more severe injuries such as broken jaw or concussion.

Do I Need a Custom-Made Mouth Guard?

An effective mouth guard is a comfortable and well-fitted mouth guard. While there are commercially-available mouth guards at sporting goods stores, our dentist recommends a custom-made mouth guard from our office. Stock mouth guards are made from preformed molds and are often bulky, uncomfortable and may slip during use. This can impede your breathing and speech. We create our mouth guards on molds of your teeth for the optimal comfort and fit, ensuring the best performance compared to other options.

What is a Night Guard?

If you suffer from nighttime bruxism (grinding the teeth or clenching the jaw during sleep), our dentist can recommend a night guard. A custom-made night guard can protect your teeth from the damage caused by bruxism. Symptoms of bruxism include worn teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, headaches or jaw pain. Schedule an appointment with our dentist to see if you can benefit from a night guard.

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Carlee M.

Carlee M.

I, like most people, DO NOT enjoy going to the dentist. Dr. Matta is kind, personable gave me plenty of breaks during my crown fitting and even rubbed my jaw because it was sore. He is AMAZING! My dentist for life.
Jake M.

Jake M.

Love this office! The staff are incredibly kind and make you feel at ease, and they gave me a beautiful set of front teeth! Thanks guys! Plus the new waiting area is great!
Amber C.

Amber C.

Amazing dental office! I see Christie for my cleaning and she is so nice and does a fantastic job. Dr. Matta is so nice and it has been a good experience every time I have gone.
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