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If you experience dental anxiety, our friendly and experienced team is here to ease your nerves and give you the care you deserve. For sedation dentistry in Spokane, call our office to learn more.

Sedation Dentistry

At Matte Woolf Family Dentistry, we understand that dental anxiety is a common problem for patients of all ages. That is why we offer sedation options to help our patients relax. We offer local anesthesia and laughing gas to make your next dental visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Local Anesthesia

Our practice administers local anesthesia for any procedure that may cause the patient pain or discomfort. Local anesthesia is a combination of medications used to numb your mouth and is delivered through an injection. First, we will dry the injection site with air or cotton. If needed, we will apply a topical numbing gel to the injection site to reduce any discomfort. We will then slowly inject the medication into the tissue surrounding your tooth to numb the treatment area.

The effects of the local anesthetic will keep your mouth numb throughout your procedure and minimize any pain or pressure you may experience. Local anesthesia can last several hours following your treatment. You may experience some difficulty eating or speaking until the effects subside.

Laughing Gas

Our practice offers laughing gas to adults and children. Laughing gas is a colorless and odorless breathable gas that can be administered through a small face mask. It is a safe and gentle conscious sedation method that puts you in a state of relaxation without putting you to sleep. Laughing gas takes effect quickly, and the dose can be easily adjusted throughout your treatment to help you remain as comfortable and relaxed as possible. When used with local anesthesia, patients report experiencing little-to-no pain during dental procedures.

The effects of laughing gas wear off almost immediately once the gas is turned off with minimal grogginess. Because it requires no injections and goes to work quickly, laughing gas is a popular and safe sedation method for children who experience dental anxiety.

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Carlee M.

Carlee M.

I, like most people, DO NOT enjoy going to the dentist. Dr. Matta is kind, personable gave me plenty of breaks during my crown fitting and even rubbed my jaw because it was sore. He is AMAZING! My dentist for life.
Jake M.

Jake M.

Love this office! The staff are incredibly kind and make you feel at ease, and they gave me a beautiful set of front teeth! Thanks guys! Plus the new waiting area is great!
Amber C.

Amber C.

Amazing dental office! I see Christie for my cleaning and she is so nice and does a fantastic job. Dr. Matta is so nice and it has been a good experience every time I have gone.
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